Many Companies both large and small find difficulty in finding top talent at affordable prices agreed to work on Payment after Delivery terms. Anekh Jobs has created a solution to this never ending problem.

With our screening process, we find best talent who agreed to work on payment after delivery terms. So, any company can confidently try our freelancers without any fear of loosing money for poor work. Check our Screening Process.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer

Applicant Skills:

All applications you receive for your posted job are from only the top talented, well experienced and best in the field only. So you can save time in filtering experienced to inexperienced.

Failure Rate:

The chances of failing the project is less than 2%. Once awarded, it will be successfully completed.

Work Quality:

Quality of the work is Guaranteed. We rigorously screen candidates before becoming our Freelancers.

Payment Safety:

Your money deposited in Anekh Pay towards project fee paid to freelancer for completing the job shall be kept safe and secure. Money shall not be credited to Freelancer until and unless the project is completely delivered upto your satisfaction and receive your approval on releasing the payment to the Freelancer.


If you are not satisfied with the work delivered by hired freelancer, money deposited in Anekh Pay shall be refunded to your Bank within less time.

Recruiting Fees:

There are No Recruiting Fees.

Transaction Fees:

There are No Payment Transaction Charges.

Termination Fess:

There are No Termination Costs

Membership Fees:

Free Life Time Membership. Employers don’t need to pay to become a member in Anekh Jobs. They can use all services offered by anekh jobs for Free.

Building Teams:

Employers are encouraged to build teams for their company. To build a team, employers are supposed to buy Team Package Membership. Employers with Team Package Membership can add any no.of Freelancers and Freelancers added by the Employer to his team shall not need any paid membership.