Carve your Choice Food App
Posted : 2 months ago

Status : Open
Budget : 7000 USD
Applicants : 50+
Location : Anywhere
Job Description

Hello im looking for experienced programmer for making food order and payment procesor from scratch. 

Requirement : 
1. Apps multi language (focus on indonesia)
2. Login sign in register by firebase gmail or sms otp  
3. Login choice want 
    Be a User (dashhoard for check balance)
    Be a Resto owner (dashboard for check income, make a bill etc)
4. Admin panel 
5. Can Add Restaurant or food seller 
6. Add estimation arrival time from resto to user place (maps) and real time data tracker
7. Can add another service in the feature like order ride sharing (optional) 
8. Add Schedule order or order now 

That all for now, send PM for question .

Just like a food app order but can add database user like a company employe and invite . 

Send portfolio apps that you have made on playstore .

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