React Native developer
Posted : 2 months ago

Status : Assigned
Budget : 8000 CAD
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Location : Anywhere
Job Description

We are looking for an app with following functionality.

1. Dispatcher will send loading list which contain loading number or Turn number to customer.

2. Dispatcher will also send the information to Driver with SMS. E.g (DS-100 or MS-100) it will manage from GHTrack system.

3. When Driver Open App and enter the Package number (DS-100) app will read the rule for device id ( we will create a common rule so which number will goes to which device e.g -> DS-100 goes to 90000 device, MS-100 goes to 80000 Device DS-101 goes to 90001) this rule will This rule will be made between DSV and SoftwareDanmark

4. The app will contain up to 50 users.

5. When driver click on Start Button it will start tracking and sending location to GHTrack.

6. App will keep sending the location from driver mobile to GHTrack System and tracking will work in background.

7. App will have the standard off time for 12 hours

If Driver forget to turn off mobile app for package DS-100 system will automatically turn off that after defined time.

a. Before going offline app will send the notification to driver to make sure it will done if he need extra time for the same he can extend that time and then app will off after that time.

8. App can be used for multiple drivees

Dependency from GHTrack

1. GHTrack will provide the Rule to send the data to GTtruck

2. App will send location to GHTrack manage that information accordingly.

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