App Andriod and Ios for website
Posted : 3 months ago

Status : Open
Budget : 5000 GBP
Applicants : 50+
Location : Anywhere
Job Description


I have website with prestashop and i have some app for andriod and ios but i need to edit some thing there , i want :

1.Digital Change (ALIEXPRESS)

2.Modify banner position and blocks produced from mobile mode

3.Login facebook and google


5. Slow upload of product pages (images)

Display "point" text from "ALL IN ONE REWARDS" mode on the product page

6. Get points from the site on the client's account

Block "waiting" dynamic products recommended by customer (search; gen; etc) site configuration module

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Location : United Kingdom
Spent : 7K GBP
Posted : 6
Hired : 1
Open : 5
Member Since : Mar, 2019

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