Build an online website
Posted : 5 months ago

Status : Assigned
Budget : 10500 AUD
Applicants : 50+
Location : Anywhere
Job Description

Brief Overview of Project



Customer - end user who is looking for photographer

Admin - Administrative team to make sure appropriate content goes live

1. Create a platform to bridge gap between professional photographers and Customers.

2. The website will serve as a platform where the customers can find photographers who are willing to lend their services. Customers can either search photographers or can refine the list on different parameters. Alternatively customers can post a requirement and photographers can bid on the same (in the same why how freelancer works)

3. The website will also serve as a platform where photographers can showcase their work by uploading photographs. Also photographers can apply to any requirements posted by customers.

4. The website will provide contact information of the photographers to the customers, and from here the deal can be taken forward. The website will not play any role in monetary transactions.

5. Admin team will review all the uploads before anything goes live. There will be a portal for admin team to login and perform the following tasks.

a. When a photographer sign up for the platform, the details along with all the photographs will go to admin for a review and post admin’s approval will be published.

b. When a customer posts a requirement, the details will be published post admin approval.

c. Admin team will also have access to stats for analysis purpose.

6. Along with these services the website will have a page where contest can be held. Anyone can take a part in the contest by basic signup and uploading a picture. The approved pictures will be available for public view and results should be displayed

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Location : Australia
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