I need an app built
Posted : 6 months ago

Status : Open
Budget : 14000 USD
Applicants : 50+
Location : Anywhere
Job Description

I am looking to have an iOS app built. The app has the following:

We have all the designs and have a working prototype to demonstrate the flow and functionality. 
Included in the design there is a carousel function & a burger menu.

The core pages are: 
1) Homepage
2) Item creation page (a form) 
3) Loading page (an animated GIF whilst data is created)
4) A summary page (the sum total of 2)
5) Homepage showing a scrollable view of input items

1) Email login page
2) Settings page, with the ability to change password, email etc....
3) Ability to create a list of items that have a numerical value
4) Ability to see the numerical total of all items
5) Ability to deduct, edit, or delete from each item
6) Ability to see the updated numerical value after editing. 

We would need the developer to be able and willing to sign a NDA. 
Please throw any questions you might have over, happy to expand on any area if more info is needed. 

Thanks very much!

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