We need mobile app developer for android and ios read description for more info
Posted : 6 months ago

Status : Open
Budget : 7000 AUD
Applicants : 50+
Location : Anywhere
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App Description

In this section there will be a detailed description of the app so you/developer have a thorough understanding of what we need. This will include logo sketches, mock-ups, screenshots and YouTube video links and notes that we have to show as examples.

Below is a checklist of everything we want in the app.

Functionality and content

So we want the physical game digitised and made into an app for the 21 st Century. The interface must be extremely user friendly and easy to use and function, not complicated to use and looks bright and refreshing so users will play for hours. We will partner or seek brand sponsorship from certain mobile network providers in each country, to give, an increase, good product visibility in each country.

Primarily, this type of draughts is played and comes from West Africa. The traditional draughts is form is 10 X 10 piece black and white board. One the app, we would like the primary board to be the same. The white piece usually makes the first move, but we will but an option on the game before the game starts or in the settings menu in the app.

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