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iOS developer (Swift) for social fitness app. front and back end. Designs will be supplied



24000 USD






8 days ago

About Client

United States of America


156K USD







Job Description

The project has been set up and the app has been started by the CTO. 
The remaining work is estimated at 180 hours of work. 
the previous developer uses the same system for implementing interfaces with one xib/screen which is very good for code stability.
Most of the work is done for the Login/signup and home feed. Logic remains to be done.
The networking delegates are already done for treating success/error cases using the Alamofire API, only the calls to API's are missing.

I would like to bring on a developer who can take over and complete the app. 
the app is in swift,  back end is php, hosted on AWS, and database is mySQL.

Designs of the app are completed and will be supplied to the selected candidate.
The list of requirements is documented in an excel sheet with the estimated time. this document will be shared with you.

below is some of the work that is needed:
1) login process: sign up, login, login with facebook
2) post photos, videos, text posts, and Youtube videos.
3) likes, comments, share (to instagram facebook twitter).
4) popular page and search page (users, posts, gyms).
5) gym check in, check out (geo-location)
6) points system based on likes, comments, check in.
7) top charts (people with most points for today)
8) Notifications page and push notifications
9) profile page and settings page.

Candidate must have good understanding of programming to produce a smooth responsive app. Using best practise, quality code. Model View Controller,  OOP,  design principles where needed (e.g. inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction). 

note: all designs and icons will be provided.



Posted 1 week ago Location Canada Budget 24000 USD
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